Thank you to the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NASF)


Thank you to USATF-NY

for their support

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 We have offered 5,000m and 10,000m qualifying conditions valid for Penn Relays; US National Junior Championships; and other competitions.


Please submit a request using the contact fields on the home page

2017 Race is not scheduled

5,000 meter and 10,000 meter Track Races

Important Note to Potential Penn Relays Participants: Remember to Register for Penn Relays before April 1st

Nyack Racewalks times can be submitted for certain Qualifying Standards***(see bottom of page)


The Nyack Racewalks

Sponsored by: The Frederick Family and Park Racewalkers USA, with the support of The National Scholastic Athletics Foundation (NSAF); USATF-New York; and the Nyack and Nanuet School Districts

Contact Information:; 845-358-0670 (before 9:00 PM ET)

Event Website: Sanctioned by: USATF-NY, NYSPHSAA


High School Girls 5000 meter Race Starting at 10:00 AM

             (If two High School Girls flights are required, race times will be 9:50 AM and 10:25 AM)

Reminder to HS Girls - New York State  has voted  (10/23/2014) to continue enforcement of its "no-jewelry" rule for the 2016 season, therefore all HS  girls, including those from other states and countries, participating in the 5,000 meter NYSPHSAA-sanctioned race may not wear jewelry during the race. The prohibition includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and  decorative hair adornments. Thank you.

HS 5000 Meter AWARDS (Female):  1st  thru 8th , Trophy to Winner

(Separate HS Race Protects Eligibility)

USATF# Affiliation Not Required for High School Awards.


Open 5000 meter and 10,000 meter Races Starting at 11:00 AM

OPEN 5000 Meter and 10000 Meter AWARDS:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Overall (Male & Female); 1st place in Masters age groups 

The 11:00 race also encompasses  the.............

USATF-NY 5000m/10000m AWARDS: (Must be 2016 USATF-NY member)

USATF-NY Association Men’s Open, Masters, and Junior 10,000m Champs;

USATF-NY Association Women’s Open & Masters 5,000m Champs:

        1st, 2nd, 3rd in  Open, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s

Water and Electrolyte Fluids: Available to athletes during the Race in accordance with USATF Rules.

ENTRY FEE:     FREE (no entry fee) for all entrants age 19 and younger

$20.00 for entrants age 20 and older; $30.00 after March 17th for entrants age 20 and older